How To Delete Cash App History: Step Wise Guidance


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In today’s time, Cash App is one of the fastest applications that confirms payment in just a few seconds. Using the cash app, users can send and receive payments to and from contacts. All that you need is your mobile, internet connection and a cash app account. This app comes with an in-built feature of saving all the payments that you have made previously. These also include recording of the payments and transactions. Cash app ensures a secure and quick money transfer using the mobile phone. One of the queries that come to the user’s mind is- How to delete cash app historyIf you have similar queries then you need to go through this blog. This blog is having all the answers that you want to know.

How to delete cash app history? 

Users of the cash app always want to know about the history deletion on the cash app. The fact is that it is not possible to clear the history on your Cash App account. This is because there’s no such provision in the cash app. If a user wants to desperately remove the transaction history, they will have to delete the Cash App account altogether. This is the only way to remove your cash app history of payments.

Cash App transaction history is visible if you are clicking on the bottom-right corner. After this, open the Activity Tab. The good thing is that the account number is yours so nobody else can access this information.

How to delete transaction history on the cash app? 

Right now, you cannot delete your transaction history on Cash App. So, there is no way to delete the history on the cash app. This feature is still not on the cash app. You can only remove the history by deleting your entire cash app account. If that is feasible for you then you can do this to delete the transaction history.

The transaction will automatically be add to your payment history once it has been make. As long as your account is there, your transaction history will be accessible by you. But, only those who have access to the account can see your payment history.

What could be the reason behind it? The reason is that your transactions are already private in your Cash app account. You are the only person who can see the transaction by using your login credentials.

How to check your transaction history on Cash App? 

Checking all the transaction history can be ready by tapping on the clock-like icon. This icon can be seen in the bottom right corner. Now, tap on the “activity”. Got confuse about how to view the transaction history? Here is how you track transaction history on Cash App:

  • First of all, open the Square Cash App on your phone.
  • Click the “activity” tab available on the home screen.
  • In the next screen that will display all the payments, you have done.
  • Here, you can check the transaction history that you made from debit card, credit, wallet balance, and cash card.
  • To download and print out the Cash App payments, connect to the PC.
  • Tap on the Activity tab
  • Then select the statement tab.
  • Choose the month of the payments that you want to see.
  • In the next step, you can download the payment history in CSV format.

How to delete history on the cash app? 

How to delete cash app historyMany users want to know about this. But, you cannot delete the transaction history. There is no such feature on the cash app yet. You can only check the transaction history and can download it.

Checking transaction history on cash app 

The good thing is that you can keep a check on your transaction history at all times. This is a good way to track your spending and investment. This is useful for the future.

  • First of all, you need to open Cash App and tap on the main icon present at the bottom of the page.
  • In this step, just click on Activity.
  • Now, you need to tap on Payment Options to see the transactions you have made recently.

Downloading cash app payment history 

On the cash app, you can also download the transaction history for any purpose. Before you choose to delete the Cash App account permanently, you must download and save the payment history.

  • Just open your Cash App account on your computer or mobile device.
  • Click on Profile Tab and tap Statement.
  • After this, tap Export CSV.
  • You will get more on-screen instructions that you need to follow to print the transaction history.

How to delete a Cash App account? 

The only way to delete your transaction history is to delete your account permanently. Follow these steps to delete your cash app account-

  • Open Cash App on your iOS or Android device.
  • If you have any money in your account, transfer it to your bank before you continue.
  • You can do this by tapping the Banking icon from the bottom-left corner
  • Then click Cash Out.
  • In case of any stocks or bitcoin, you need to sell them off before you can close your account.
  • After doing all these, tap the account icon present in the upper-right corner.
  • In this step, tap Support.
  • Go to the bottom of the next screen, tap “Something Else”.
  • Reach the Account Settings menu
  • Now, you need to scroll to the option of Close my Cash App Account available at the bottom of the list.
  • Tap Confirm.
  • This will sign you out of the Cash App.
  • Now, you will get a text or email confirming that you’ve unlinked your account.
  • Make sure you get this email before you delete the app otherwise connect with the cash app help team
  • After this, you can now delete Cash App from your device

How to delete cash app history 2022? 

The users who are new to the cash app always ask for about cash app transaction history deletion. But, there is no way to delete the history on the cash app. You can only view the transaction history using your login credentials. The only way is to delete your account on the cash app permanently.


Can You Really Delete Cash App History? 

Well, the truth is that you are not able to delete Cash App History on your Cash App account. Therefore, other accounts like Venmo allow transactions to be make private or to delete your account history but this is not possible with a Cash App account.

Since all Cash App transactions are already private and it is not accessible to anyone, authorities are not recommend to delete them that’s why they did not provide the option to delete Cash App history.

However, if still, the user wants to delete the Cash App transaction history then he or she has to delete the Cash App account so that there is no Cash App history left.

Now the question comes how does Cash App transaction history appear? Well, the transaction history appears when you follow the bottom right corner and get to the Activity tab. If all Cash App login credentials are yours then no one else can access this information from your account and it will always be secure by your side.

Is There a Need To Clear The Cash App Transaction History? 

 As we mentioned above, if needed, you can delete the Cash App account permanently to clear activities on Cash App.

  • Open your Cash App account and access your profile.
  • Next, hit on Support and scroll down to find the Something Else option.
  • Then you have to click on Account Settings and select Close Account from the menu.
  • Enter some information before confirming the account deletion action.
  • Your $Cashtag will disappear once the account is delete and you cannot access Cash App History because it will be gone for good!

Alternative to Deleting History – Hide Cash App Transactions 

There is no way to delete cash app history from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Every time you open the Cash app, all the history you store is automatically save to your iPhone’s pasteboard or your other devices app and you never get any option to delete it out.

This might be one of the strangest things for all cash app users but the cash app has created an ecosystem in which you are not able to delete your Cash app history on the app as well as there is no option to delete it.

However, other applications like venmo allow users to remove their history. Hence, you can consider these options as alternative Cash app options in case of deleting history features.

Check Transaction History on Cash App 

Check your transaction history at all times. If you need a loan from Cash App, this is a great way to keep track of your spending and be aware beforehand.

Open the Cash app and tap on the Main icon from the bottom of the page.

Then hit on the Activity option

Click on the payment option to view your recent transactions as well as their current status.

Download Cash App Payment History 

If you are going to delete your cash app account permanently to hide or delete your cash app transactions, then cash app user should download and save their previous payment history

We provided instructions to download your Cash App Payment History below-

  • Just launched in your Cash App account on your device
  • Next, hit on the Profile option and tap Statement.
  • Then hit on Export CSV option
  • Next, you have to follow further on-screen instructions and then print out your transaction history from the same page.

Contact Cash App Customer Support For Help 

Well, if you are curious to know what you should do to hide your transaction on Cash App or delete it, then you need to join the official professional team of Cash App to get proper directions.

To contact the official team you have to follow its phone number to call which is 1 (800) 969-1940 or you can contact the team via mobile app. Also, you can contact through mail at the below-mentioned address.

Cash App
1455 Market Street Suite 600
San Francisco, CA 94103

Can I delete my Cash App account and make a new one? 

No there is no possibility to delete your history because the official Cash app application is not showing any option to delete history on the Cash app account. To get rid of all money transfer information on your Cash App you need to delete your Cash App account permanently.

Can I delete my Cash App account and make a new one? 

You can easily delete your Cash App account from the main menu of Cash App. However, you must ensure that all pending balances should be cleare from your account. Because, after completely deleting your account you may not get that money. After following the deletion process you can easily create a new Cash App account.

Can I have two or more than two Cash App accounts? 

Yes, a user can create and access multiple Cash App accounts, but they must also ensure that they can only create these accounts using different account register credentials. They cannot use the same credentials to create more than one Cash App account.

Is it possible to make a new Cash App account using the same number? 

One account for one person is allow when creating your Cash App account. Therefore, you cannot create two accounts using the same identification address including phone number, email address, etc.

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